St. Mark Lutheran Church
1934 52nd Street SE
Kentwood, MI 49508


St. Mark Lutheran Preschool and Bridge Program balances education and play, giving students a positive outlook toward school and a foundation for academic achievement.

Each day, preschool students "Explore God's Word and God's World" as they learn about our great God and His Son, Jesus, our Savior.  Meanwhile, they develop the skills that they will need for a lifetime of learning. 

A rich and varied learning envirnoment gives children the opportunity to explore colors, shapes, numbers and letters, as well as, science and sensory experiences.

A typical day includes an opening, circle time, Bible time, playtime, snack, large and small motor skill time, art, music, storytime and a closing.  Specific times for each class' activities are posted at the beginning of the school year.

Preschool classes are available for three different age groups.

3-year-olds  Our youngest students begin by learning basic social skills and how to follow directions.  Singing and moving to music as well as fingerplays and "Brain Breaks" actively engage the children.  We also work on their small motor skills with the help of scissors, crayons, puzzles and lacing.  Students are introduced to letters, shapes, colors and counting. In addition, 3-year-olds are encouraged to use their imaginations through drmatic play and creative activities. 

Hours of Operation
Tuesday, Thursday
$710 (10 month payment plan available)

4-year-olds Our 4-year-olds expand their social skills through sharing, taking turns, and respecting one another. Teachers encourage students to take more responsibility for themselves and their environment by assigning small classroom jobs like picking up toys, helping with snacks, and feeding class pets.  Students also gain experience with pre-academic skills through exposure to patterns, shapes, counting and letter/sound recognition.  Children are also given opportunities for scientific and sensory exploration and are encouraged to engage in dramatic play.  Monthly library visits and Chapel services are included in the curriculum.  Additional activities include gym, playground time, and a variety of field trips.  

Hours of Operation 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
$1025 (10 month payment plan available)
*We require a minimum of 6 children enrolled in this class for this option to be available.
"Jesus said, 'Bring the little children to Me.' " Matthew 19:14a